Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blue hour in Bardolino

Bardolino is a nice, small town at the Lake of Garda, renowned especially for its popular wines.

It's a quiet, but in the summer quite popular place. Tourists like to stroll in the Old Town of Bardolino in the evening, leisurely walking and looking at the shops in the central, longish Piazza Matteotti that connects to the harbor.

Here some panoramic impressions of Bardolino, mainly of the Piazza Matteotti and the harbor - be careful, some of them are presented in a somewhat unusual fashion, as you will see. Be sure to click on the links below the pictures to see the large size versions of them; sometimes even two sizes are offered. All pictures were taken shortly before or during the "Blue hour", the time between sundown and night.

First a glimpse of the populated Piazza Matteotti with its shops and restaurants:

Click here for large version.

Now a panoramic view of the harbor, depicting it in four different stages of light before and during said "Blue Hour":

Click here for large version.
A very large version you'll find here.

Another way to combine those different stages of light is not to stack them, but to combine them in a single image, as done here with the first and last one seen above:

Click here for large version.

Moving to the back of the harbor here just another possibility to combine day and night scenes of the same panoramic view:

Click here for large version.
An even slightly larger version you'll find here.

And with this last view taken at the close of the Blue Hour - a long time exposure panorama of the harbor from a different point of view - we'll finish our special "Bardolino experience" for now:

Click here for large version.

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Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld, CHt. said...

Phil--I don't know HOW you figure out all these fascinating ways to make panos--you should really publish a book of all the interesting panoramas and places you've panoramaed--because your stories about the places are wonderful as well. Very very cool post and extremely well done! Cindy from dPreview