Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Trattoria

Garda, Italy. Late in the evening on Friday, July 13th 2007. The Trattoria is named Al Pescatore - fish will be served here, hopefully fresh from the lake that can be found around the corner.

It's warm. The pair on the right doesn't look at each other, but at the passing people. Are they tired - or don't they have much to talk about anymore? Who knows.

The man of the left has done some shopping - alone, or his wife is hidden by the girls passing in front. His wife? Could also be his mate. Can't be sure, can you?

Those two girls. They seem to have fun, don't they? They're on the move. They're young.

Then the waiter, in the Trattoria. Guess he's looking for the fresh fish promised in the menu displayed on the left. Sure hope he finds some.

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